Wives like or dislike some qualities in husbands | What a husband should do to please his wife | Family counsellors are giving some tips for a harmonious life

September 27th, 2010| In India.

Wives like or dislike some qualities in husbands | What a husband should do to please his wife | Family counsellors are giving some tips for a harmonious life

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There is a saying that husband is the person who endures.  But this seems to apply to the wives in present situation.  Wife tolerates everything her husband does.  She is born, studied and enters the husbands house hoping to get love and affection from the husband.  She expects him to understand her and pamper her. When the wife is ill husband is worried not because of her illness but he has to bear some responsibilities in her absence.  Many husbands have changed their behaviour because of nuclear families.  For those husbands who have not changed, here are few tips to get the appreciation of the wives.

Family counsellors and analyzing the things a wife does not like in a husband based on the cases that come to them.

  • Wives dislike husbands who consume alcohol.  No woman tolerates this habit which ruins the body as well as the family.
  • Chewing gutkha and smoking are the other things wives hate.  The smell of cigarette cause queasiness in the stomach for many women.
  • Husband who doubts his wife causes irritation.  No wife likes a husband who insults her before others.
  • Wives do not approve playing cards and the habit of taking debts.
  • Wives cannot tolerate if the husband is having extra marital affair or if he is behaving vulgarly with other women.
  • Some husbands use intolerable foul language without even noticing that children are around.  A wife cannot respect such husband.
  • Telling lies, not standing on the words make the wives angry.
  • Wives also dislike snoring habit.
  • Wives do hate the husband who hit them on various pretext.
  • Talking ill of their maternal family and torturing for dowry are some other reasons for which a wife hates her husband.
  • Many husbands do not take their wives to cinema or for outings even once in a year.  This causes distress to the wife.
  • Nobody likes a spendthrift, who does not save money for the future of the family.  Wives are no exception.
  • Wives do not appreciate those husbands who roam in the house without wearing a shirt exposing a fat belly.


Tips to please wives

  • Wives expect love and affection from the husbands.  Do not always show irritation.  Try to talk to them politely. Then husbands can feel the happiness on the wives face.
  • Working wives get tired with the work load in the office and at home.  Try to help her in caring the children.  One can easily win the heart of the wife with this.
  • Women give more importance to personal hygiene.  Husband should take care about the bad breath and body odour.
  • Try to keep the things in their places at home.  Women want a perfect looking home.
  • Take her out occasionally, surprise her with gifts.  She will be happy and will make your life happier.

Be natural for better results

Efforts made to get approval of others, give tiredness after sometime.  Excitement dies after some days.  So try understanding the wife.  Do things for you not to please her.  Try to like her for what she is.  When she says no body is paying me any attention, try to understand the meaning in between the lines not just those words.  They do not expect advices when they are in trouble.  They want some soothing words.  Nature has given a great boon to women; they can correct their own faults.  They fall and rise like the waves of a sea.  Let them fall and rise.  What husbands have to do is to give them some support.  Encourage them to correct their own faults.  Do not discourage them by saying that it is expected to happen.  Do not give any place for discussion.  Try to console wives when they are in pressure.  Women do not just want money.  They crave for a heart which listens to them.  Spend alone with the wife for at least 15 to 20 minutes in the morning or in the evening.

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