10 Tips for Girls to Attract the Boys

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10 Tips for Girls to Attract the Boys | Boys Get Attracted To Beautiful Smile and Expressive Eyes
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It is a universal fact that every man is attracted to the beauty of a girl.  But experts are saying that apart from looks there are 10 more important things that make men remember the girl for longer time.

  • Expressive eyes: The expressions in the eyes of the girls attract the men. The feelings that are expressed through eyes will have long life. For that it is important that the girls have to shape their eye brows as said by the specialists. Even celebrities have given first vote to eye brows.

  • Music of the lips: All the expressions like the laugh, words and so on are expressed with the movement of the lips only. That is the reason why the lips stood in second position in attracting the men. Girls should select the lipstick according to the color of the clothes and nail polish. Experts are saying that the lips have the power to make the person remember the smile for a longer time.

  • Beautiful cheeks: The first three things that attract the boys in a girl are features of face only.  The word cheek reminds everyone of children.  But cheeks play an important role in attracting men also. Cheeks that are pink in color and are without any spots can attract men.

  • Glowing Hair: In the past, having a long hair was the dream of many girls. But with the change in the time and life, the importance of having long hair is changed. Though there came many changes in the life style, if the hair of the girls is silky and smooth, it attracts the boys a lot. The specialists are saying that it does the matter whether the hair is long or short but it must be silky and smooth for the boys to get attracted towards the girls.

  • Preference for the nails: Each and every part in the body is having its own preference. But these days, more preference is given for the nails. It is not only the matter of beauty that is found through nails, but also the tidiness that is seen through nails. Nails are also playing a vital role in attracting the boys. So it is important to have a suitable nail polish.

  • Sensitive body language: It is not the color of the hands and legs that matter, but they must be smooth when they are touched. Proper maintenance is necessary, which means, unwanted hair is to be removed from hands and legs.

  • Breathing style: It is proved that the way the girls take the breath also attract the boys. Studies are also done on odor from the mouth. In this survey, it is proved that most of the people do not like bad odor from the mouth.

  • Accessories

No one can say even a single word for the girls in this matter. The reason behind this is girls give importance to matching accessories. This is also observed by boys very carefully. It is proved that these accessories which are used by the girls are remembered by the boys forever.

  • Footwear: The footwear of the girls tells many stories with the boys as said by the specialists. By looking at the footwear boys could estimate the financial status and the taste of the girl.

  • Perfumes: perfume or the deo can be said as the last attracting factor. Boys like only light perfume instead of the strong one. It is said that the perfume that is worn by the ladies makes the boys confused when they walk beside them. It is proved that such incident lives forever in the mind of the people. So the girls have to keep in mind these points and follow these tips in order to attract boys.

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