Asanas for monthly problems

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Asanas for monthly problems | Ardhapurna Bhujanagasana for irregular periods

When menstrual cycle signals a problem like no period, heavy bleeding, anger, head ache, stomach pain etc most women consult doctors regarding these problems and many more probably suffer in silence. So here are some simple Yoga postures which act up on such problems.

Mathangi Mudra
Mathangi Mudra: Sit erect in Sukhasana and join your hands. Straighten both the middle fingers and bend all the other fingers. Keep this mudra (hand posture) right in front of navel point. Concentrate on your breathe and hold on the mudra for not more than 4 minutes. This is should practiced daily thrice.

Ardhapurna Bhujangasanam
Ardhapurna Bhujangasanam: This asana favors the people who have a problem of irregular periods. It reduces the fat accumulated near the stomach and also relives tensions.

Lie down on the stomach comfortably. Now place hands near chest portion and touch   fore-head to the ground. Bring legs together and bend them near knees and lift them up. Now kick off chest and try rising up by keeping the whole weight on hands. Stay in this posture for about 10 to 20 seconds. Then by exhaling slowly come back to the normal position.

Bhujangasana: Lie on belly while the head rests on lower arms. Legs should be very close to each other. Now raise chest and fore head slowly by inhaling. Remain in this posture for about for some time and then come back to the original position by exhaling slowly. This posture looks like the hood of a snake and so it is called as Bhujangasana; where in Bhujanga means snake in Sanskrit.

Salabhasana: Lie down on the abdomen with hands and legs stretched. Tuck down hands underneath the thighs. Now raise both the legs slowly while inhaling and bring them back on to the floor while exhaling. Continue doing this for about 6 to ten times.

Don’t raise the head while performing the asana.

Suptha Gorakshasana
Suptha Gorakshasana: Lie on the back. Now slowly raise bend your legs near the knees and raise them up. Try joining both the foot together. Now place hands in namaskara mudra. Raise hands and legs slowly while exhaling. Raise your head and shoulder while doing this posture. Remain in this posture for about 4 seconds and then come back to normal position. Continue doing this for 10 times. This asana efficiently acts up on the pain that comes during the period and also improves the blood circulation.


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