Diet Patterns for Different Categories of People

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Diet Patterns for Different Categories of People |Seasonal Fruits Must Be Included in Diet
Many of us know the value of work outs. So by doing regular walking, jogging and work outs the body weight can be kept in control. But for employees and busy scheduled people, there will not be much time for doing exercise. So, many of them stay away from doing exercises. And obese people come in other category. They suffer from heavy personalities right from the childhood and they can not manage doing the things by themselves. So their confidence levels decreases with increase in their age and they become introverts. In order to be fit, people of any age should make a change in their life style. Regular work outs must be introduced to the daily routine. A good and healthy diet is also necessary in order to be fit. By following this, a definite change can be noticed and the body becomes healthy and fit. Exercising also relaxes the mind and so the person feels happy and confident.

Slim diet

For the Students and house wives who work out at home and take care of their fit ness, it is necessary to follow a healthy diet plan too. Diet must be set in such a way that it should be beneficial to stay fit and even to increase the beauty of the skin.

  • Intake of tea and coffee more than two times a day is not good for health. They kill the hunger and stop the proteins to reach the body.
  • Cool drinks must also be avoided.
  • Water must be taken in large amounts. At least 5 liters of water must be taken per day.
  • Seasonal fruits have to be included in the diet. They are highly beneficial.
  • Daily in the mornings it is advised to have an egg, wheat or corn made foods or oats with milk.
  • An hour before having lunch, it is good to drink either coconut water, lemon juice or any other fresh fruit juice.
  • It is to be seen that lunch comprise of chicken, wheat chapatti, rice, dal and some fresh vegetables.
  • In the evening times either soup or mint sandwiches can be taken.
  • Dinner must be consumed at least 2 hours before going to bed.
  • Dinner must be simple with a cup of rice, boiled vegetables and sambar.

Diet for obese people

Due to the lack of exercise many children become fat. No regular work out for the body due to decrease in playing outdoor games, sticking on to video games, having chocolates, junk foods etc make them obese at childhood itself. Even many middle aged people will have the problem of obesity. They must follow a strict diet schedule and must take extra care regarding the food they intake.

  • Morning breakfast must include oats, wheat chapatti, corn flakes, fat free milk and fruits such as apple and papaya.
  • At 11 am in the morning, fresh fruit juices, sprouts, foods with high fiber content must be taken.
  • In the lunch two wheat chapattis (made from whole wheat), a cup of dal must be taken. Boiled vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, carrot have to be consumed. Potato should not be taken. For non-vegetarians, only cooked meat has to be taken in small amount.
  • In the evening time a cup of herbal tea have to be consumed or it is advisable to take idly and sambar if feeling hungry.
  • Dinner must include two rotis, boiled vegetables and filtered soup. Dinner must always light.

By following this diet and concentrating on the work outs, it is very easy to reduce the weight and stay fit.

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