Diet Tips For Pregnant Women

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Diet Tips For Pregnant Women | Food That Contain Folate is Very Important In First Stage Of Pregnancy
Diet Pregnant Women
It will be very good to see small children or babies walking and playing in the house. So, mothers should take care to give birth to healthy babies. Mothers should know about proper diet and they should also know about the increase in their weight during pregnancy. Gradual weight gain in nine months is very healthy.  Generally, they need to grow according to the body mass index. It is better to   find out this value under the observation of the experts. Food to be taken by the mothers for the first three months is given below.

Food in the first stage of pregnancy


Folate is very important to women in the first three months and they should take fresh leafy vegetables in more quantities. Mainly, women will get the required quantities of folate from   mint and spinach leaves. The main foods for folate are bengal gram, black gram and green gram. Soya oil and sesame oil is very good for the pregnant women.


Zinc is obtained in more quantities from peas and it is also obtained from the soya, ground nuts and soya paneer toppings. Mushrooms and sesame seeds are also good sources of Zinc.


Magnesium is obtained from almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, soya flour, fresh vegetables, peas and other grains.

Magnesium and zinc prevent anemia and delivery will be normal. Problems after delivery will be reduced and lactation will be increased a lot. Baby will also grow in weight and there will be good growth. Immunity power will be increased.

Food in the second stage of pregnancy: Amount of calories which are required for the body should be increased in the second stage which is from 4 months to 6 months. Vitamins and minerals like fatty acids, Omega-3, zinc, magnesium, vitamins D and B, folates and iron are very important in this stage. Mainly pregnant women should take brown rice, sprouts and eggs during this time.

Food in the third stage of pregnancy: Vitamin E should be added to the food in the second stage. Along with these vitamins and minerals, foods having DHA should be taken in more quantities.

Food for normal pregnant women

  • Four cups of milk and curd can be taken every day. Egg, fish and meat should be taken twice in a day in little amounts.
  • Vegetables which are in dark colors should be taken more. Beetroot and carrots should be taken.
  • After getting pregnant, women should not fast or take less amounts of food. By taking more fiber foods, indigestion problems can be solved easily.
  • Along with the daily food, fruits and vegetables should be taken for four more times. To reduce low blood pressure, foods which contain more amounts of iron can be taken. Fresh leafy vegetables should be given more importance.
  • Sprouts, milk and eggs should be taken more along with the foods which had undergone fermentation. More quantities of water should be taken.
  • Pregnant women should stay away from fried food as some of them face problems. They should not take coffees and teas which are containing more amount of caffeine.

Diet tips for pregnant women

  • Some of the women face the problems like vomiting and giddiness during pregnancy. Such people should take the food in smaller quantities for six times. Liquids should be taken in more quantities. It is better not to take the foods which are having more odors and oil.
  • Few people will have the problem of getting the food into the mouth. Such people should take the food slowly and they should chew the food properly. Pillow should be placed at high position while sleeping and it is better if they take hot water or milk.
  • Indigestion problems will be reduced by taking the bread which is made of sweet wheat grains and beans. Foods which contain fiber also reduce the indigestion problems. More amounts of water should be taken and exercises which are suggested by the experts should be done properly.

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