Which is best edible oil?

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Which is best edible oil?
ground nut oil
There are many kinds of oils available in market and it is often very confusing to choose among them. Oil can be chosen by considering the following tips which are suggested by health experts.

  • Oil should be considered as not good for health if it is getting solidified at room temperature. Thus Vanaspati and Palmolive oil should not be used for cooking.
  • Coconut oil is used frequently in Kerala. It also contains some saturated fats, but it increases the good cholesterol levels of the body. But it is not used much anywhere else except Kerala.
  • Heart diseases can be prevented by using saturated fat instead of unsaturated fats.
  • Olive oil, Corn oil, Sun flower oil, Saw flower, mustard oil, cotton seed oil, and ground nut oil are useful for cooking .Oils containing omega 3, alpha lenolenic acid are more healthy.
  • ALA is present more in soya been and mustard oil and thus they are very healthy. It is not harmful to use these oils to fry but generally sunflower oil is used most for this purpose which has a very low ALA value. Further ground nut oil, corn oil, and olive oil can also be used. Ghee should be used in very small quantities as it is cholesterol rich.
  • It is better to use a mix of all oils rather than using a single kind. It is not good to use oil which is already used once. Thus bajjis and other junk food should be avoided. It is better to eat dishes cooked at home.

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