Head down of baby ideal position for normal delivery

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Head down of baby ideal position for normal delivery |10% of women face complications in delivery
Normal Delivery
Delivering a baby is a very complicated process of a woman’s life yet it is the most exciting moment. Many pregnant women will have several doubts regarding the growth of the baby and delivery. This is the time that provokes anxiety in pregnant women. It may be a scary thought for some mother’s. They keep asking the doctor about the delivery. But only 10% of the pregnant women face problems during the delivery and so the other alternative for them is doing operation. There are many reasons that make the delivery complicated. Problems in pelvis or spinal cord, previous operation for reproductive system, attack of any infection, vaginal infections are some of those problems which complicate the delivery and hinder the chances of normal delivery. In the remaining 90% of the pregnant women, after the completion of 9 months time period, the doctor will access the route through which the baby comes out through vaginal examination. There are 3 factors which mainly facilitates the normal delivery in women. They are:

  1. Position of the baby: Baby in mother’s womb may be in many positions. But the ideal position is head down, legs up and curled in the fetal position. The chances of normal delivery are more if the baby is in this position.
  2. Route through which the baby comes out: The way through which the baby comes out from mother’s womb is known as pelvis. This is in the form of a bone cage and so there is no chance of increase in its size. When baby slides down, depending up on the comfortable way for the baby to come out, the type of delivery is decided by the doctors (i.e. normal delivery or cesarean). If the baby is large in size or if the pelvis is small in size, the chances of the normal delivery decrease. If there are tiny changes in the size, the baby is brought out with the help of either forceps or vacuum. If size of the baby is big, then the baby may be blocked near the pelvis region which leads to increase in pains for the mother and breathing problem for the child. In such cases operation is the only alternative.
  3. Delivery: After the completion of 9 months, the baby slides towards down and then pains starts for the mother. In some cases, injections and tablets are given by the doctors to get pains. These pains increase gradually and help in pushing the baby out from the mother’s womb. During the first pregnancy these pains will be for 6 to 10 hours and in second pregnancy they remain for 2 to 4 hours. In any case if the pains don’t come, baby doesn’t move or the baby face breathing problems, operation is unavoidable. Even if the baby is in big size or the mother has problems like high blood pressure or diabetes operation is compulsory. During the time of delivery the stress on the baby’s heart due to pains is supervised by a test called CTG test. Based up on all the factors said above the type of delivery can only be known only after the pains start.

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