Black Circles Under Eyes

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Black Circles Under Eyes | Anemia May Be A Cause for Black Circles Under Eyes

Black Circles Under Eyes

Anemia, lack of sleep, watching TV or computer continuously, and lack of some sort of nutrients in food causes black heads under eyes. Blood tests should be conducted to determine the presence of Anemia initially. Everybody should sleep for 6-8 hours per a day without fail. Fibers and leafy vegetables should be included in diet to prevent black heads. Gaps should be taken in case of having necessity to work on computer for so many hours. Cotton dipped in one cup of boiled milk should be placed on eyes. Chopped potatoes should be kept on eyes for 10 minutes and then be washed with cold water. The almonds soaked in milk should be grinded and the paste obtained should be applied around eyes and should be washed after 10 minutes. These should be applied four times in a week. But doctor should be consulted in case of having high dense black circles around eyes.

Imbalance of hormones and the gathering of waste materials in body cause the blackening of skin around mouth, There is no treatment for that can be applied at home. Skin lightening creams should be applied under the observation of doctors or treatment for prevention of pigmentation should be taken. Bath powders should be applied on the nose by mixing with milk in order to remove the black heads on nose. Pickles should be avoided as maximum as possible. White Radish, water and leafy vegetables should be consumed to prevent black heads.

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