Marriage (Vivaha) a sacred act | Meaning of Kanyadaan Mantra

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Marriage (Vivaha) a sacred act | Meaning of Kanyadan Mantra

KanyadaanMarriage is a ritual act and it had a great prominence in the Hindu tradition. There are many steps in this ritual act and all are performed according to the traditions and customs. Among all the sections and rituals, the first and the very important act is the Kanyadaan.

The word kanyadanam is very sacred and the main idea of the marriage lies in that word. There is a mantra for each act in the mantra and in the same way, there is a mantra even for this kanyadaan and there is a great meaning behind this mantra. The meaning is as follows:

“In order to attain salvation “I” the father of the bride is giving my daughter who is very kind in nature and equal to that of the gold and very valuable in the body and soul to the groom who is equal to the Lord Lakshmi Narayana.”

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