Natural Benefits and Curative Properties of Black Gram

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Natural Benefits and Curative Properties of Black Gram | Take black gram and other grams regularly for maintaining proper health and to get strength
Black Gram
Sprouted gram contains vitamins and mineral till 7 days, hence it should be taken within 7 days. Although we can take sprouted gram in any form whether boiled or in the form of salad or you can prepare any dish according to your taste.

  • Grams are available in many different forms- black, yellow, small grams, chick peas and thick white gram.
  • Soak black gram raisins in water over night and have this in the morning, this is very good for health.
  • Grams should be eaten less when hungry since it may cause constipation.
  • Black gram is most beneficial among the entire grams. Eat them in any form without peeling.
  • Avoid consuming gram flour and gram pulses because they are prepared after peeling that’s why they are less healthy.
  • Parched grain meal of gram (sattu) is very healthy because it is made without being peeled. It contains fiber. Use of black gram sattu in summer, resists from sunstroke and cools our body.
  • Peeled gram causes constipation.
  • Black gram supplies protein to our body that’s why it is called king of protein.
  • Black gram helps in purifying our system and removing waste substance from the body.
  • By taking black gram, it prevents gastric and bacterial infection like worms etc. It controls the body temperature. Black gram contains minerals and calcium and natural salt which we did not get from other substances.
  • Elements found in black gram help to purify the blood and give strength to body.
  • Black gram is beneficial for all, whether it is child or older. Take gram when you feel hungry, it is very beneficial.
  • Those who do hard physical work must take black grams in all its forms.

Horse strength explains how grams give strength to our body. It is often said that, to gain horse strength, one must eat grams.

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