Only few persons are lucky enough to have long legs | Capri pants with small prints suit those who have short legs

Only few persons are lucky enough to have long legs | Capri pants with small prints suit those who have short legs

Capri pants

Dress should suit the physique of the person to look beautiful.  Legs are the most important parts of the body which influence the total beauty after face.  So take some care in selecting the dresses.

  • Long legs add to the beauty of a woman. But people with fat legs should not wear Capris as this dress makes the legs look fatter.  Another fashion popular with the girls is leggings. Leggings do not suit to fat looking girls.  Jeggings which have frills at the bottom can be tried by these people.  Pant which look broad at the bottom are the better option for these people.  Fat girls should select wedges.  But the heel should not be very thin. A line skirts with big prints look good on fat bodies. Combine tops with a dark colour pant or skirt; these should have small designs on them.
  • If the legs are short and thin, do not select pants that have big prints. Try small prints in pastel shades. Capris look good on these people. Do not go for baggy pants. Another good option is bright coloured leggings.
  • If the legs are short and fat do not go for baggy pants. Wear dresses in dark colours without any designs to look thin. Horizontal lines are a big no. Keep the skirt  above the knee.  Stilettos can be selected to look taller.  If walking with heels is difficult go for kitten heeled shoes.
  • Only a few people are blessed with long legs. These people can try various ranges of dresses.
  • Patiala pants are best suited for people with common height and fat legs.  People with short legs should not wear Capris.  Leggings look good on them. Short people should wear pants with above knee length.

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