Various Plants Which Can Be Grown In House

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Various Plants Which Can Be Grown In House | Tulsi and Mint Plants Can Be Grown In House

People will be happy to know that they can grow the garden in the kitchen or any other place in the house. They will be much happier if they can grow medicinal herbs.

Tulsi plant
Tulsi Plant
People who are interested in growing plants in the kitchen can grow the tulsi, mint and coriander plants. They need to buy the recycled pots in the market and fill it with the coco pit which is cleaned coconut waste, vermin compost and leaf mould. Mud will be prepared by mixing half amount of coco pit, quarter amount with leaf mould and quarter amount with vermin compost. By using coco pit instead of mud, plant will get the required amount of water and excess water will be flown outside. If the fertilizers are used once, there is no need to use them again for a long time. If mud is used in   small pots, plants will be spoiled as the mud gets tighter. Tulsi and mint leaves can be used in the salads and they can be used as medicines for instant treatment.

Saraswathi leaves
Saraswathi leaves
People are aware of saraswathi leaves and they believe that these leaves will increase memory power. These leaves can be used in salads and dals. This plant is a creeper and it will spread easily. When grown in a pot, it should be placed near the window where the sunlight is present.

Spinach and coriander plants
Spinach and Coriander Plants
Coriander, spinach and other leafy vegetables are useful in the daily life and they can be easily grown in the pots.  Hybrids seeds should be bought as they can be used by cutting the plant for three to four times and after that another plant can be planted in the pot. They can be grown in any pot in the house and waste pots can also be used. They will be pleasant for people who stay more time in the kitchen.

Ajwain and wheat grass
Ajwain and wheat Grass
Wheat grass can be grown in small pot in the house. It is very good and healthy for the people who are staying in the house as it provides plenty of oxygen. By throwing the wheat grains, we can get the wheat grass in 16 days. People will drink the juice of wheat grass and demand for wheat grass had been increased in the recent days. In the same way, Ajwain can be grown in a small pot if there is little sunlight.

Sabja plant
Sabja Plant
Sabja plant is the one which is having medicinal qualities and it can also be grown in the kitchen. It is better to place this plant in the wide pot and juice of this plant can be taken in the summer. As this plant lives for more days it required more place.

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