Risks of late pregnancy

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Risks of late pregnancy | Risks in late pregnancy | Precautions to be taken during late pregnancy
Late Pregnancy
Delayed motherhood has become common now days as many women are getting carrier oriented. But there are many risks in late pregnancy. They may affect both mother and child. Due to many social and financial reasons several women get married early and due to lack of awareness they become pregnant at a very young age. Pregnancy in below 15 years old girls leads to many problems such as abortion and may also increase the risk of pre-term labor. Irregular usage of medicines, not having nutritious food may increase these problems. They may not have the complete knowledge on how to bring up the kids and this will show affect on their growth. Some women may also face the problem of surplus stress. So certain precautions should be taken to avoid pregnancy in young age.

Late pregnancy:

In this competitive world, women do not want to spoil their time before getting in to a successful career.  So women decide go for late marriage and hence pregnancy is delayed. But pregnancy after 35 is a risk factor; they may face many complications during or after the pregnancy. After 35, the fertility rate decreases in them and so the chances of pregnancy decrease in them. They may face problems such as endometriosis and irregular release of ovum. So women after 35, if trying for pregnancy need to take doctor’s advice.

Risks in late pregnancy:

Genetic disorders are more common in late pregnancies. Conceiving after the age of 40 years leads to certain chromosomal abnormalities. Presence of high number of chromosomes than usual causes Down’s syndrome. So to recognize such problems tests such as scanning, blood tests, and amniocentesis are compulsory. With these tests about 95% of the women avoid the problems in their child’s health. In the first trimester of the pregnancy the main problem faced by women of all ages is abortion. But the chances of abortion are more in late pregnancy when compared to normal pregnancy. Late mothers must take the doctor’s advice and should follow all the precautions. People with high blood pressure and diabetes must be more careful and should use all the medicines recommended by the doctor with out fail.  They must take the guidance of the doctor and take good care of their health. Another problem faced in such cases is placenta covers the wall of the uterus; this condition is called placenta previa. In such cases heavy bleeding takes place during the birth of the baby. This is dangerous for both mother and baby. In some conditions there are chances of pre-term labor and birth of less weight baby. So in the case of late pregnancy doctors mostly prefer cesarean than natural labor.

Precautions to be taken during late pregnancy:

Doctor’s advice must be taken. Pregnant ladies must take folic acid tablets for the good health of the baby. Intake of healthy and nutritious food along with fruits is must. Weight plays a significant role during pregnancy, so weight management is very important. Use of medicines with out doctor’s consultation must be avoided. All these precautions may also help to cut down the risks assoiciated with late pregnancy.

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