Suitable Dresses for Wedding Occasion

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Suitable Dresses for Wedding Occasion | Wedding Couple Are Wearing Matching Clothes These Days
Wedding Occasion
What is to be wear for which function

Sangeeth Function: The Sangeeth function which is conducted before the marriage is best occasion for enjoyment. Special dresses are important for this day which goes on with the games and songs. If the bride looks bright with the latest designs of Ghagra Choli, even her friends get ready with dresses like Ghagra, anarkali, churidar or short top on Patiala, pyjama and so on. If the groom is dressed in a silk kurta pyjama or lightly worked Jodhpur style he will look bright. Even the friends of the groom can dress up in   kurta pyjamas.   For others like the relatives and friends, it is the correct time to wear latest designer wear in crape, georgette and the chiffon saris. If the men wear kurta pyjama they look dignified. The designer experts are saying that it is the best time to enjoy the full day which is allotted for full entertainment and josh. These days the traditional look can be mixed with the Western look. By keeping the dressing in traditional way   variations can be made in the hair styles. The designer experts are saying that if the jewellery should be worn with mix and match and the look and appearance will be more interesting.

Mehandi Function: Mehandi function is especially a ladies function where the mehandi is put on this day. The time taken for the bridal mehandi is at least four to six hours. For this occasion,   bride can wear ghagra or salwar suit which is comfortable for her. If it is a short sleeve, it is much better because it is a fashion these days to have the mehandi up to the elbows. In the same way, the people who attend the function has to wear simple jewellery for the hands, the light weight saris which are comfortable, simple hair style so that they can happily enjoy the function.

Dress for Wedding Day

Color Co-ordinate Look: According to the wedding planners, wearing color co-ordinate dresses during the occasion of marriage by the new couple is a fashion these days, which means both the bride and the groom, get ready with the same matching dresses. Though this kind of trend is in usage in the other countries, it is been habituated in India these days.   celebrities like Shilpa shetty, Raj Kundra and Vivek Oberoi, Malvika are making this trend more popular by following on their marriage day.  Another issue is the decoration of the stage which is to be designed as giving a compliment to the dress of the new couple. For example, in the marriage occasion of Aishwarya Rai and Abhishekh Bachan the stage was decorated based on the golden color sari and the cream color Jodhpur suit which are worn by the wedding couple. It is not only this; even a new trend is seen in the marriage of Aishwarya and Abhishekh, where Amitabh, Jaya and   sister Shwetha and the other important relatives wearing same color costumes.  By doing this, it can be said that ‘We all are one’.

Aisha Trend: Another trend is made popular by the ‘Aisha’ movie which is released recently. The bride’s maid and the best man concept in the foreign countries are shown very fashionably in this movie. The tradition of giving more importance to the close relatives and friends of the bride and groom are shown in a different style in this movie. The specialty of this trend is all the important persons of the wedding couple dressed in the same color with different dressing styles. This kind of dressing style can be seen in the famous song in Aisha movie ‘Gal mitti mitti bol’. Though the color of the sari is same, with the difference in the jewellery and hair style, each one can maintain a different style just like the bride. Even the relatives and friends of the groom wear the same color matching dresses in this song. The dress designers are saying that this trend will become more popular in future.

The days have almost gone where the marriage is celebrated under the coconut leaves in the traditional clothes. These are the designer wedding days where all the things are specially designed by the wedding planners. Though there is a touch of new trends, the place for the tradition is same. The creative trend which combines both the tradition and modernity gives completeness to the marriage and new look for the marriage couple.

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