Tips to Remove Stains on Clothes

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Tips to Remove Stains on Clothes | Ink Stains Can Be Removed With Soda Salt
It is very difficult to remove some types of stains from clothes and here are few homemade tips to remove the stains.

  • When grease had fallen on the dress, then tissue paper should be spread over that area and dish wash liquid should be poured on it. After sometime, when the dress is washed in   hot water, stains will be removed.
  • Areas on which tea, coffee or fruit juice stains are there should be cleaned with the cold water first. After that some salt should be sprinkled over it and this salt will absorb the color of the stain. After that, dress should be washed.
  • When bubble gum sticks to the dress, then it should be rubbed with ice cube and later on, it will be easily removed when a blunt knife is used to remove it.
  • Sometimes, ink stains won’t be removed easily.  They can be easily removed when soda salt is applied to it and rubbed with brush.
  • When the clothes on which nail polish had fallen are dipped in the water, stain will become big. So first nail polish remover should be spilled over it and then they should be washed. Care should be taken that it should not be spread over other part of the dress. As soon as possible, it should be given for dry cleaning. After that signs of the stains also won’t be seen.
  • When the white clothes are changing to yellowish color, little baking salt should be added to the detergent when they are washed. They should be washed after soaking them in the detergent for some time. When turmeric powder falls on white clothes, water which is mixed with baking salt should be spread over it. It should be washed after 3 to 4 hours. There will be better results by spreading salt and lemon juice on the stain and washing it after drying it in sunlight.
  • Stains of the rust    won’t be removed easily and first they should be rubbed with lemon juice.   After that they should be left for some time and then washed. When oil falls on some areas of the dress, powder should be sprinkled over it immediately and after that, they can easily wash the dress to remove stains.

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