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Tubectomy | Permanent Birth Control Technique for Women
Most people now days prefer small families. Increase in awareness and financial reasons are the cause for this. There are many types of family planning techniques. Some are permanent and some are temporary. Tubectomy is a permanent family planning technique. This is done for women and the operation done for men is called vasoctemy.

Tubectomy: This is a simple and affective birth control treatment. This operation is done by giving anesthesia. This can be done in two ways, Mini laporatomy and laparoscopy.

Mini laporatomy: In this method a cleavage is done on the abdomen either horizontally or vertically. Now the fallopian tubes present on either side of the reproductive system are cut down and are tied together. Because of this the ovum will not be able to travel through the ovaries. So fertilization is impossible. This is a permanent birth control measure.

Laparoscopic tubectomy: This is the easy method when compared to normal tubectomy. In this technique, two small holes are done on the stomach region. One is 1cm and the other hole is of 0.5cm. Through these tiny cuts a hollow needle like device is inserted in to the body. This device lifts the fallopian tubes and closes them with rubber band like apparatus. As the fallopian tubes are completely closed there will be no chance of pregnancy. This is a very easy technique and after 4 to 5 hours of the operation the person can be discharged.

Feasible time for tubectomy:

  • Mostly family planning operations are done after the birth of the baby as all the body parts will be in favorable conditions for the operation.
  • In case of cesarean operation, tubectomy is done right after cesarean to avoid the operation twice. Or else it can be done after a gap of six months following cesarean.
  • In normal cases, the ideal time for birth control operation is a week after the menstrual cycle. Operation must be done only after conforming that the lady is not pregnant.

Most of the people have many doubts regarding these family planning operations. Here are some of the answers to their doubts.

  • Weight gain: many people think that they will gain weight after the operation, but this is completely a wrong statement. There will not be any weight gain after the operation; it may be due to the lack of exercise and intake of nutritious food during pregnancy.
  • Back ache: Bones become weak during pregnancy as the whole weight of the baby is bored by the backbone and there will be lot of pressure on the backbone while the birth of the baby.
  • Bleeding problems: There will be hormonal changes in the body after   pregnancy and so there will be bleeding problems. this is not due to the operation
  • Stomach pain: After operation many people think that belly may increase due to intake of water and so they avoid drinking water. This may lead to constipation and cause stomach pain.
  • Excess white discharge: This is not related with the operation. White discharge may be excess due to lack of cleanliness or may be due to some infection.
  • Diet maintenance: All kinds of foods can be taken. Intake of water must be normal; this helps in healing the stitches quickly.
  • Failure of family planning operations: Many think that the birth control operations fail. But this is very rare. Only 0.5% of the operations fail, i.e. only a single case in 100 cases fail.

After effects of tubectomy:

Mini laporatomy Laparoscopy
Discharge 2 to 3 days after the operation The same day
Pain Minimum 4 days to a week One day
Rest Ten to fifteen days One to two days
Side effects Infection and formation of pus Very rare
Cost Less cost and affordable It is a costly process
Failure Very rare Very rare
Physical relationship After 10 to 15 days After a week

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