Workshop on Wheels (WOW)

February 7th, 2013| News.

Workshop on Wheels…

Carnation Auto started a new project of car servicing at home which was called as Work shop on wheels.

Work shop on Wheels…These services are started in six cities along with Hyderabad with 10 pilot vans. The company is planning to increase the number of servicing vans to 50 by March and to 150 by 2011 and these vans are named as “Workshop on Wheels (WOW)”.

The services offered by them are mechanical-electrical repairs, car maintenance and surface treatment. Around 60% of the services that are available in the service stations are available through this WOW.

The company is also planning to increase the multi brand service outlets by next March. Nearly 6,500 cars are done servicing in the last month and are trying to increase it to 25-30%.