World costliest building by Mukesh Ambani | Highlights of Mukesh Ambani- Antilia- house

October 14th, 2010| In India.

Antilia Building World’s costliest building by Mukesh Ambani | Highlights of Mukesh Ambani- Antilia- house

A tall building with 27 floors, located on luxurious Alta Mound road, in Mumbai city, is ready to host house warming celebrations. India’s richest person and the head of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani is the owner of this building. It took seven years for the construction of this amazing building. This building is named as ‘Antilia’ which is the name of an island in Atlantic Ocean. Beauty of Mumbai city is visible when see from the top of this building. Mukesh, his wife Neeta, their daughter Isha, their sons Aakash and Anant, would be living in the top floors of this building.

All the modern facilities have been included in this building, which is built by Mukesh Ambani with much interest. There are three helipads on the top of this building. Hirsch bedner Associates and Perkins & Will have worked hard in designing this building. Specialty of this building is that no two rooms will be alike.

There are chances of conducting house warming celebrations in this building at the end of October 2010. Mukesh has invited VVIPs to visit this building on 28th October.

Highlights of ‘Antilia’ building

  • Height of this building is 570 feet and it has 27 floors. Height of each floor is 21 feet on average.
  • First six floors are given for car parking. 160 cars can be parked in this building, in total.
  • No two floors of this building will be alike. Each of them is designed in a special way.
  • Though this  building looks different and new, it is constructed according to the vasthu shastra.
  • Along with many swimming pools, there are health spas, 50 seating capacity mini theater in 8th floor and big ball room in Antilia. 80% of the ceiling of ball room is decorated with chandeliers.
  • Art pieces and novel items brought from all corners of the world are decorated in this building.
  • Last four floors of this building are specially designed for Mukesh Ambani’s family and his mother Kokilaben.
  • World famous Picasso painting is also kept at Antilia.
  • This building is having space of nearly four lakh square feet. Exact expenditure of construction of this building is not known. It is expected that 175 Crore Dollars, that is equal to nearly Rs. 8,000 Crores would have been spent on the construction of this building.

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