WOW Noida: Worlds of Wonders, Delhi, India – Photo Gallery

Worlds of Wonder : In Asia, Worlds of Wonder is a biggest amusement park, which is situated in Delhi (Noida). It has 2 sections. They are Road Show and La Fiesta.
Road Show : Road show is the combination of ride, music and entertainment. If you are faint hearted, it is suggested to don�t go for this. It is very thrilling place, where you can do the rides with high adventurous also with TUV safety standards.
Download Ride : It is a ride where you can se the Delhi or the Worlds of Wonder at an height of 25 Meters. And you will fall down with gravity. That happens 4 times in 2 minutes. One must experience this gravity feel.
Mega Disko: This is the place where you can thrill the pendulum oscillations, circular movements and whirl wind experience. It is wonderful, only thing you must have courage for all these thrills.
La Fiesta : It is place where you can enjoy with your total family in 4 acres land. You can enjoy mini train, swan boats and many more.
Mini Jet : It is a place where you can enjoy with circular motions, touch the sky and many more.
Space Shot : In this Space shot kids can experience the weightlessness, and bouncing. It is lovely place for kids. Don�t miss your children all these, if you visit the Delhi.

WOW Worlds Of Wonder 1 WOW Worlds Of Wonder 2 WOW Worlds Of Wonder 5 WOW Worlds Of Wonder 6 WOW Worlds Of Wonder 7 WOW Worlds Of Wonder 8 WOW Worlds Of Wonder 9 WOW Worlds Of Wonder 10 WOW Worlds Of Wonder 11 WOW Worlds Of Wonder 12 WOW Worlds Of Wonder 13 WOW Worlds Of Wonder 3 WOW Worlds Of Wonder 4

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