Young hearts falling into love | Symptoms of falling into love and Experts suggestions to come out of such feelings

August 17th, 2010| In India.

Young hearts falling into love | Symptoms of falling into love and Experts suggestions to come out of such feelings

Young hearts falling into love

Till Tenth class, the youth will be under the supervision of parents and teachers but after tenth, the youth will feel like a free bird and will be experiencing  colorful life with freedom. In the college life, there is more chance of getting attracted to the beautiful net. Even meritorious students are not able to concentrate on studies for ten minutes also and hence are their academic track is getting disturbed. Though some students are realizing the truth, they are losing much precious time by that time. Parents are much  worried about these  children and are taking them to counseling centers. Experts are saying that it is difficult to realize after the heart gets spoiled and it is necessary for the youth and parents to take precautions before they get attracted.

Problem is not smaller……

‘High Sensation Seeking’ attitude is seen commonly in the present day youth. This kind of attitude is common in the starting stage of adolescence. Some boys and girls feel like they have grown up like the adults. They will be taking wrong decisions without adequate knowledge and will revolute when they are contradicted. They will be falling in love without the knowledge that they are in attraction. There will be considerable and recognizable changes in the attitude, behavior and talking of these people. Being prone to attraction, they will take everything in light and will neglect studies.

Many parents are nowadays taking their children to the psychological counselors and are complaining of their ward’s uncommon behavior. They will be expressing worry that their children have got attracted to love. They are pleading the counselors to change the attitude of their ward. But in this stage, it is difficult to change them since they will be out of control mostly.

Psychologists are saying that many boys and girls of teenage are getting struck in introduction, friendship, love, romance and others even without able to differentiate among them. Parents should explain their children about these aspects.

One gets answers from themselves by questions like the above  ones.


It is very much difficult to get the ranks as like the earlier, after falling in attraction. Gradually, they will set back in studies. Their emotional responses will arise. They will be seen with anxiety for even small things. They will be facing severe stress.

  • All surroundings will be new to them. They will be in hallucination that they have relationship with the new friendships since early reincarnations too.
  • They will be focusing more on their dressing, body and hair styles. They will be aspiring all the time to look beautiful/handsome.
  • They will be in their dreams and thoughts only. They will be wishing for being alone without mingling with family members, friends and not concentrating on food.
  • They will be of opinion that there is no need of anyone except themselves and their partner.
  • They will be spending all the time with their ‘lovely’ SMS’s and phone calls. Sometimes they will be very much anxiously waiting for the phone call.
  • These kinds of boys and girls can also get into wrong paths, telling lies and spending money too much.

Self-help is the best remedy:

It is very much difficult to change the persons who have got struck in attraction. Though parents and friends will be talking to them, results will not be got soon. These kind of youth should realize that they are in hallucination. One should take initiative to change themselves. Psychologists are suggesting to answer the following questions.

  • One should be able to think and image the possible changes in the life and family with this kind of behavior.
  • Will the new friendships cause good or bad to the future? One should think about the consequences of these kind of new friendships.
  • One should consider and analyze their financial, social conditions of their family.
  • What is the need to select this kind of relationship?
  • What is the goal of this kind of relationship?
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