YouTube Superstar|22 Year Old Shane Dawson is the Creator of YouTube Videos

October 13th, 2011| News.

Shane Dawson

Can you imagine What a 22 year’s old young man can achieve? He can pursue a higher education and attain a good job, but keeping the two things a part Shane Dawson has become YouTube superstar. The purpose of the YouTube website is the users can share, upload and view videos.

Along with lakhs of fans and fame he earned crores of money. Shane Dawson is basically from California in America and the viewers of the YouTube videos are nearly 40 lakhs per year. The income earned for the last year ads posted in between the video clippings is 3 lakhs dollars. Usually seeing this popularity people doubt that he is a pop singer or a Hollywood actor. But Dawson is a very normal person.

He is habituated to internet since at the age of 10years. He used to prepare YouTube videos for entertainment but gradually it has made him an internet celebrity. Dawson’s career began when he and several friends would turn in videos instead of homework in high school. Shane has three dogs Miley, Charlie & Chocolate as well as two cats, Muffins and Snoop. They often appear in his videos.  He creates parodies for the Hollywood celebrity characters; pop singers pop songs and make comedy interviews of the famous actors with dupes. Other than these he takes videos of various pet animals by making them to do various circus feats. Thinking creatively and Doing things in a different way fetched him crores of money. He is the only YouTuber to have two channels in the top 30 most subscribed channels on YouTube. He has won the streamy award under best vlogger category in the year 2010.

YouTube has made easy for the users in any part of the world to upload their videos. Registered and unregistered users can view the content in YouTube.But upload of the videos is possible only for the registered users. The Greatness of YouTube is it provides any amount of space and supports most of the video formats. Most videos enable users to leave comments, and these have attracted attention for the negative aspects of both their form and content.

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